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About Us

What is LiLOGOS


We consider an important element of development of modern society is introduction of innovations, which are produced in the scientific environment. Our idea was to unite the scientific and professional team to introduce the latest technology into important spheres of life closely connected with sustainable nature management. Today, eco-entrepreneurship is based on new eco-friendly technologies that we want to implement.

Our philosophy of eco-entrepreneurship is to treat a person as an integral part of the natural environment, not a user. We believe that the global environmental problems of our planet are closely related to mental, spiritual, social and physical health of mankind. Therefore, having ensured the existence of ideal harmony in the human environment, it is possible to create a basis for solving a number of ecological problems.

Our scientific and professional team will develop, implement and spread the practice of eco-entrepreneurship, which is based on healthy thinking of natural resources and eco-friendly technologies.


The mission of the company is to implement the results of research work in the areas of water, agriculture and ecology of nature use, food safety, preservation of biodiversity, longevity and human health.

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LLC «Scientific Cooperation Center LiLOGOS MONOPROSOPI I.K.E.» – a company that promotes the creation and introduction of innovations for the purpose of safe life, conservation of biodiversity and development of society on the basis of professional and scientific support

We consider the provision of research and experimental development services in biotechnology for health and environment, agriculture, biodiversity conservation and other goals related to the company’s mission to be the main direction of our activity.

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